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tv   [untitled]    September 13, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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9-year-old boy named jason, now he called 911 that day and he reported his grandfather who was having an asthma attack. during this call, she provided jason can medical instructions and assistance and most importantly comfort and reassurance. there is an added level of difficulty for her in that jason was translating for adults who only spoke chinese. even under these difficulty situations they worked to help to insure a successful out come. unfortunately he and his family were unable to join us today. but that is not going stop us from celebrating the fine work of this city employee and the job that she did to save the lives here in our city. so we will take a brief moment to hear this conversation, but what i want you to keep in mind is that this 10-year-old child is translating for adults who are in need of assistance that don't speak english at all.
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>> police, fire or medical? >> medical >> what is the exact location of the emergenc >> kasada avenue, wait... >> the exact address. >> kasada, 1280, my grandfather is uncomfortable he is like having asthma or something. >> so he is having breathing problems? >> yes. breathing problems. >> all right, thank you, and stay on the phone with me. don't hang up. i am going to go ahead and get a medic, but i need to know what is your name? >> jason. >> jason, thank you for calling are you with your grandfather? >> yes, and my mother. >> and your mother is there is too. >> how old is your grandfather? >> 70 something. does your mom speak english? >> only a little. >> okay. so a little bit. so he is in his 70s you are
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with him now, and is he awake? >> yes. he is awake. >> and he is breathing, correct? >> yes. >> jason, is he completely alert? >> he completely alert? >> is he responding to you or you asking you questions and he is answering you like he normally does. >> let me check. >> okay. >> go ahead. >> he can respond. >> he can or cannot. >> is that how he normally talks to you. >> yes. >> is he having a hard time speaking? >> let's celebrate that. [ applause ] >> so, now i know that anybody of you that have worked with children in the past now how difficult it can be to speak to someone that you may not have met before on the phone, with a 10-year-old to try to keep them calm and actually get crucial
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and important information across to them and from them all at the same time. and that is really what we are talking about here today and that is what you heard on the call which is why i think that this is such a big and important deal. so i actually have two certificates to present. one from the local 911 heroes award for patricia and i want you to hold on to that. [ applause ] >> because i am just warming up because we have got more. >> and i also have the certificate of honor from the board of supervisors authorizing the execution of this certificate of honor and appreciatation and public recognition of distinction and merit for outstanding service for a significant portion of the people and county of san francisco. so congratulations, once again, we thank you so much for your work. you make all of us proud. >> we are still not done.
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and we still have a medal to present to patricia as well. [ applause ] >> i am back. all right, we have another honoree. so, once again, i would like to call up, dan, where is dan? i already talked to dan. dan? all right. so this is dan wynn, let me tell you about what dan did. so on september eleventh, at
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4:57. public safety safety dispatcher received a call from a 14-year-old girl named tiane saying that she needed medical help for her mother and verified the address and her phone number and provided her with medical instructions. and stayed on the line with tanani and kept reassuring her that help was on the way. and compassionate tone helped tani remain calm and assisted her in providing assistance to her mother. unfortunately she and her family were unable to join us today but we do have this fine public servant representing the good work of the city that we are going to celebrate and we are going to take a moment again to hear the tape played so we hear a little bit of his work and what we are
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celebrating. >> do you have an emergency? >> tanin >> is the bleeding stopped or still going? >> i am not sure. feeling really tired and a lot of pain. >> and so, how hold is the patient? >> how old is the patient? >> he is 32. >> okay. >> is he awake? >> i think that he is... >> okay. is the breathing completely normal? >> yes. >> is she completely alert? >> i'm not sure. >> did you say yes and is she changing color? >> no. and is there a history of heart problems? >> no. and does she have abdominal
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pain? >> yes. >> thank you, dan. >> you know, one of the things that you should keep in mind is that you heard them say that they received over a million calls, a year. a lot of timeds, especially when you talk about children, the only thing that they know is to make that phone call and so that entire situation has to be dealt with by the dispatchers who have to assess the situation and provide information, usually through that child as you have seen today to provide the assistance because they are the only ones that are around until the help can get there, that is such a big deal that is part of the reason why we play you these calls so you understand on the opposite side of that call is often times when people call
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this making a determination as to who is best to come and help with the situation. it is such a big deal and we don't take these lightly and it is so impressive the work that you do on a daily basis and more impressive and so i want to present this commendation as a dispatcher award for our local hero to dan wynn. [ applause ] >> and as well, and another certificate of honor for his fine work and for doing such a good job of representing his department, and it really is the work that we all strive to achieve as public employees, so thank you again, and this certificate is from the board of supervisors and one more
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medal to give. >> i like to call the rest of the dispatchers up to get a picture and i would really like to thank paul henderson for doing a fabulous job today and thank you so much paul and you are wonderful and i also want to thank for the kids and supervisor avalos and coen to make the ceremony so effective. thank you so much. >> [ applause ]
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